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Technology teaching takes place at Laspotech in a very defined and unified School of Technology. Our academic staff are committed to delivering a resounding technological foundation as well as advanced work in their own specialities, which include most of branches of the programme. We have links with computing, engineering and research. 

This broad view of programme, based on a scientific approach to the basics, is part of the culture that have been a part of us fora very long time.

Our graduates move off higher to a huge varieties of occupations, into further study for higher degrees and in many other directions

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Dr. Oluremi N.Olaleye

Rector, Lagos State Polytechnic

Mr. Olumide O. Metilelu

Deputy Rector, Academics

Dr. Sikiri A. Adegoke

Deputy Rector, Administrations

Mr Shakirudeen A. Bello


Mrs Abiodun Olajide

Ag. Polytechnic Librarian